What are the Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Asia

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Asia has long had a love affair with sports betting. There have been extensive efforts made by sports betting companies in Asia to provide their customers with access to sporting events around the world.

In countries like Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Thailand, sports gamblers have been thriving for years, betting on sports as a means of earning extra income or simply as a way to spend their days. As globalization continues to occur across every industry and corner of the world, sports betting in Asia is picking up steam.


When it comes to why football is such a popular sports betting choice in Asia, one of the most prevalent reasons cited is the wide array of bets it offers, just like how an online casino has tons of games to offer. There are numerous avenues for football enthusiasts to wager on; from the English Premier League to the Europa League.

A typical game schedule for these events will include games between familiar teams that fans have become accustomed to watching through the years. While there are other major international leagues in Asia, there is no denying that the EPL attracts a larger following and has produced some of the most famous players in the world including legends David Beckham and Pele.

With all the benefits associated with sports betting, it comes as no surprise that Asia has become a popular place for sports bookmakers. Aside from the wide variety of games available to choose from, it also offers the chance for punters to enjoy an unbelievable experience when it comes to choosing the online football teams to bet on.


Traditional sports bettors are shifting their attention toward the Asian markets to find opportunities that were previously unavailable. Sports betting in Asia is starting to reach similar levels of success as other major sports such as football and soccer.

Basketball is yet another popular sports pick for many Asian people. The sport itself is so much fun and entertaining to watch. The league is all year-round and there’s always something to get excited for. Sports bettors are just as thrilled to get their bets going for their favorite basketball teams throughout the entire year.

Horse Racing

There is no denying that horse racing has been one of the longest-running sports in Asia and also one of the most popular sports in Asia. The popularity of horse racing in Asia is due to its long history, and the unique features that have made it one of the most popular sports in the continent.

For instance, one of the biggest reasons why horse racing is such a popular sports betting pick in Asia is because of the large number of international sports betting companies that have made it their business to develop online betting websites.

As a matter of fact, over the last few years, there have been several high-profile sports betting websites that have come up in Asia offering a range of different betting options, not just horse race betting. Automobile sports betting is also very popular in Asia, especially auto games such as luge and racing.


For one thing, video games have a huge following and market in Asia. Professional competitive video game tournaments are still considered sports despite what many still refuse to believe. Whether you’re betting on your local Esports team or internationally, Esports has its deep roots in Asia.

Many Esports teams and players are from Asia. No matter what the game is, a team most commonly includes an Asian player simply because of how incredibly good they are at these kinds of games. That said, it’s hard not to see why many other Asian fans are rooting for these people through sports betting.