Types of Online Casino Bonuses

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In finding a good sportsbook and online casino, there are factors in which you could tell that a bookie is one of the greatest in the industry. One of them is their online casino bonus.

There are tons of kinds of online casino bonus that varies from each specific bookie. This is their way of saying thanks to their loyal or new players or just simply their way of attracting other players to bet on their website.

All about casino and their bonuses

Before we talk about the types of online casino bonuses, let us first talk and define what online casinos are for our newcomers and readers to this kind of industry.

First, what is an online casino? Online casinos are a betting platform for people who want to gamble their money and at the same time enjoy and relax their free-time and their dull-time. Online casinos are based on land-based casinos that you see or pass by in your country or hometown.

Why was it created? Well, it is simply because we live in an era of devices and technology. Nowadays people spend their time more on their personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones. Because of this the idea and creation of online casinos were born.

When did it start? In 1994, the Caribbean countries of Antigua and Barbuda were the first ones to develop online gambling when the internet was developing and being commercialized all across the continent. However, in the year 1996, the first-ever online casino was established and created. This is the year where the first wager is accepted that reaches almost three (3) billion dollars of total winnings.

What’s inside an online casino? Online casinos have different types and styles but the main idea was based on land-based casinos. Some online gambling sites focus on or offer only sports-books. Some offer only online football betting. There are others who focus on live casino games and there are some who focus on everything and that is one aspect of what a great casino has.

So what are Online casino bonuses? Every online casino platform has their promotions and bonuses that they offer to their new players, constant players, and loyal players. Why do they do that? Because this is their way of saying thank you to their members who sign up with them. This is also their marketing strategy to increase the number of players that will sign up for them. What’s great about this kind of strategy is that it gives a win-win situation for both the bookie and player.

Types of bonuses and promotions

Now that our newcomers and readers have an idea of what an online casino is, it is time to talk about the different kinds of online casino bonuses and promotions. Take note that the casino bonus is one of the factors that you should look into when you are searching for a bookie. Alright, let us talk about the four different famous casino bonuses in the online gambling industry.

  • Sign up bonus or most commonly known as Welcome deposit bonus are the types of casino bonuses that an online gambling company gives to their new members as their way of saying thanks for signing up or choosing them instead of other bookies. Usually, this bonus ranges from 50 percent (minimum) up to 100 percent (maximum) depending on how much a new member will deposit.
  • The second usual bonus that an online betting site will give to you after becoming a member is a Reload bonus. Reload bonus also ranges from the same percent as the welcome bonus, and the sole purpose of this kind of promotion is for their player to keep depositing and playing on their website.
  • Despite the two kinds of bonuses that were mentioned above there are casinos who offer No deposit bonus rather than a welcome deposit bonus. This kind of bonus doesn’t require their player to deposit after signing up for them. Instead, they give them start-up money that ranges from $20 (minimum) up to $50 dollars (maximum)
  • After signing up and betting on their website for a long time the usual bonus that they offer to their longtime members are Loyalty bonuses or in other words VIP programs. This kind of bonus includes enhanced deposit bonus and turnover incentives, free spins in their slots games or in some lucrative rewards like goodies and limited access to some of their exclusive games which only VIP members can access.

Aim for the best bonus offer

If you are new to this kind of industry, it is best that you aim for the bookie that offers the best bonuses around. Why? Because having the best bonus will give you more chances of winning. This will also maximize your online gambling experience to the fullest and will make your stay in a certain bookie fulfilling and satisfying at the same time.