Top Sports Singaporeans Are Into

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Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia, it is one of the progressive countries in the world. Singapore is also known as a cultural hub, a melting pot of cultures from three distinct races, namely Han Chinese, Malay, and Hindu.

When you visit Singapore and you happen to be a sports lover, then you are in it for a treat. Singaporeans are also known to enjoy a variety of sports, especially singapore football. The country is known to be one of the best in sports in the territory and Singaporean athletes are well-supported.

Their athletes from different disciplines are not just the best in the city but also one of the best in the world. Another benefit is that Singaporeans allow foreigners to join their teams via visa employment as expats in Singapore.

Let’s visit some of the sports that are dear to Singaporeans and what locals enjoy watching with their family and friends. As spectators, you can watch your favorite sport in Singapore although you have to buy a ticket first of course. Many sports event tickets are being marketed online that you can purchase for a very reasonable price.


Football is also known as soccer is the most popular sport in the world that is why it is no surprise that in Singapore it is also the number one sport the locals enjoy. Singaporeans are fans of European association football, especially the two major leagues in Europe: Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League, they are also popular in football betting.

The football national team of Singapore is also strong in the regional soccer scene and competes in international tournaments. SPL is also known as Singapore Premier League is a national football league composed of clubs from different regions in the country. The clubs compete for a season the same as their European counterparts.


Baseball is a sport that originated in the United States but popularized in the Asian countries of Japan and South Korea. Both baseball and softball are sports that are also enjoyed by Singaporeans especially on the weekend.

The Singapore Baseball and Softball Association preside over the activities involving the sport. The national teams are also divided into men, women, and youth divisions who also compete with Asian and global tournaments.


Golf is a sport that is also popular in many countries and also in Singapore. The country boasts some of the best golf courses in the region and it is full of lush greens and wide-open space dedicated to the sport. These golf courses are available in public and private places where you can take your family on weekends to watch.


Basketball is one of the most entertaining sports in the world and NBA is considered a worldwide phenomenon. The country has a national team composed of men, women, and youth divisions that also competes internationally.

The sport is stimulating whether you participate or as an audience. It gives that sense of adrenaline rush whether you are in or as a spectator. You can watch basketball whether you are in a hotel room or with friends at a watch party, Singapore is the best place to watch your sport online.


Volleyball is also one of the sports being enjoyed in Singapore. There is a volleyball national team consisting of male and female divisions that compete internationally against other Asian countries.

The sports mentioned above are the only some of the sports that are being enjoyed by the locals in Singapore. There are also honorable mentions like swimming, polo, and tennis that are also being played in singapore pools online.

There are also sports stadiums and gyms that are dedicated to some of these sports so that anyone in Singapore can stay healthy and have an active lifestyle.