The History of Baccarat

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A lot of people get so caught up in playing baccarat that they forget about their day-to-day life. People go crazy just to learn how to win baccarat without ever knowing where exactly it all started. Today, we hope to share the answer with you.

The early origins

Perhaps what makes Baccarat’s origin so fascinating is the fact that nobody really knows where the game came from. While there are certainly lots of claims saying they know a thing or two through some hard evidence, everything remains unclear and ambiguous.

The first-ever written record of baccarat dates back to the 19th century where a Chinese non-card game called the Chinese Pai Gow, where tiles are used instead, closely resembles how the game is played. Additionally, the game Pai Gow directly translates to “make nine” which is baccarat’s best score value.

The thing, however, is that this alone cannot be substantiated or accepted purely on some correlation.

Another popular hearsay that many people believed in is involving Ancient Rome’s ancient ritual. The ceremony entails vestal virgins casting a die to determine their fate. Getting a result of 9 or 8 is the most sacred making them a high priestess and a 7 or 6 will result in the revocation of their role as a vestal virgin.

The rest of the other numbers would cost them their lives by drowning in the sea. What’s interesting about this telltale is not the disturbing aspect of the ritual but rather the fact that the game baccarat is played with cards and not with dice.

Felix Falguiere

Many historians believe that Italy was the birthplace of the game. Back in the 1300s, a card game in Italy called Tarrochi was believed to have been the predecessor of all card games that follow. While there is no solid correlation to baccarat, many agree that it was heavily drawn from Tarrochi.

There’s no other person that has been credited to be the man who has invented the game (at least the modern form of the game) other than the Italian man named Felix Falguiere. His invention of the game in the 1400s was considered to be the most widely accepted origin of baccarat.

The name “baccara” is an Italian word that means “zero”. In the game, all the face cards such as Jack, Queen, Kings, including tens all have the value of zero. Way before baccarat online even existed, the early games are much simpler.

The game involves four dealers, as well as players having a chance to play as the banker. They are also not limited to play against the house but also duke it out against other players at the table as well.

The many variants of Baccarat

A Deux Tableaux

Also known as Baccarat Banque, this game uses three decks of cards. The players in this game wager on themselves to win. Furthermore, determining the value of cards or hands stay the same as with the regular baccarat game.

Chemin de Fer

Also known as Chemmy, this baccarat variant uses six decks of cards. Just like in a regular baccarat casino game, determining the value of cards or hands stays the same.

Punto Banco

Another baccarat variation was invented throughout the 1950s. This game involves directly setting players and the house against each other.

Baccarat today

The game has gone through several iterations over the years. It had led to the creation of the many exciting variants that people from across generations around the world have surely enjoyed. Today, all these great baccarat games can be played conveniently through the help of the internet.

If you are still getting the hang of playing baccarat, try using your computer instead. Some online casinos allow players to play with a virtual bankroll so they can test their skills without risking any money. This is a good way to play baccarat for free without worrying about losing any real money.

In other words, you get the chance to play a free baccarat game right out of the gate. It’s actually very simple, and it will give you an idea of how a real casino works.


One of the best ways to learn how to win baccarat well is to practice on your own. Try playing with a partner to see who does better at the game. Then you can start challenging yourself by trying to beat your friend at the game.

The fun of playing baccarat online has never been this exciting. Start playing today, and see how you do! You might just find that you love it as much as everyone else does!