The Future of Esports Betting

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We all know that sports betting is one of the most famous gambling categories in the world. It is widely enjoyed by the European countries and neighboring continents like Asia and the Western countries.

Now, a new craze is storming the world of online betting. It is none other than electronic sports or most commonly known as Esports. It is taking every country by storm because of its unique style and modern features.


Esports is the same as contact sports. It requires critical thinking, team effort, and strategy. The only difference between Esports and contact sports is in Esports, there is a virtual reality person which represents their avatar. These avatars do all the physical aspects of a real sport and will probably be the ones who will battle for their respective players.

Although there are games in Esports that don’t require a team effort but the skill of an individual person alone. Like sports that are played by one player, for example, chess, billiards, bowling, and tennis. There are also team plays in Esports that can only be played by one person alone like, NBA2k and FIFA2k (regardless of the year).

Everyday Esports is getting popular and being acknowledged by different sports betting platforms whether online or not. It can also be defined if a sportsbook is good or not because of Esports. Not all betting platforms offer Esports because they are afraid that only a few bettors will play the game. However, a good sportsbook has to offer everything to its members as a sign of quality and variety.

So what are the kinds of games that Esports caters to? Esports offers a lot of games but the most famous Esports betting is from the defense of the ancients or DOTA2. CS go is also a popular Esports game. There are also tournaments like the recent release of Nintendo, the smash bros.

There is a lot of possibility in the world of sports betting and Esports betting. It will not be surprising if by the years to come Esports market will grow more and eventually catch up to the sports betting market, especially that the modernization in our generation is fast and cannot be stopped.

What lies ahead for Esports?

Esports Betting

In the industry of gambling Nevada in Las Vegas is like the golden place of gambling. Top of the line hotels and casinos, big pot prizes and simply Vegas itself. You can find it all there, Tables games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, sportsbook and many more. Many land-based casinos and online casinos try to live up to the standards of gambling in Nevada. Many consider this standard as their bible when it comes to doing business in terms of gambling. However, Las Vegas doesn’t give a fuss about Electronics Sports. They think of it as a waste of investment because only the major tournaments are being catered and being given importance to. Thus, making a lowly impression on electronic sports.

Despite all of that, Esports betting has been becoming a worldwide trend in the world of online sports betting. Almost every bookie in this industry offers Esports on their sportsbook. Despite Nevada being the reference of this betting site they still continue to offer this because electronic sports betting cannot be stopped right now and are growing each day and each year.

Last year the first-ever Esports in an Olympic caliber of tournaments was held at the Republic of the Philippines in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games where countries battled for the gold.

The biggest customer of Esports in the Asian continent. The people in Asia truly love video games such as DOTA2, CS go, Fortnite and other games that can be played intellectually and skillfully. Europe is the second-largest market in Esports making the western countries the least to enjoy this kind of betting.

If we are going to base the future of Esports statistically, it is sure that it will continue to grow every day even with or without the popularity of it in Las Vegas Nevada.

The future looks bright

It is sure that Esports will soon become as popular as real contact sports when it comes to betting. The market will continue to grow hence the negative feedback of Nevada on this. The new generation of bettors will become its supporting foundation making a brighter future in the industry of online Esports betting.