Live Casino House Edge

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All casino games have a built-in advantage that works in their favor.

This is called House Edge and this is one big reason why casinos make a profit.

Beating the House Edge can be tough but it can be done.

House Edge

It is also known as the casino advantage. It exists on every table game, lotto or slot in a casino online game or on land. The House Edge tells you how much each game pays out in average over lifespan and which games offer players the bet return on their bets. The House Edge is the product of the games and not set by individual casinos. If you are betting on casino games, you can’t avoid the House Edge.

House Edge Knowledge

From a player’s point of view, you can use the House Edge as guide to tell you which games are profitable.

Here are the types of games and their respective House Edge: American Roulette (5.26%), Baccarat (1.01%-15.75%), Blackjack (0.5%), Caps (0-16.67%), Keno (20-40%), Slots (2-15%), Video Poker (0.46%), Caribbean Stud (5.22%), Hold’em (2.36%) and Sic Bo (2.78-33.33%).

Games with big House Edge will pay out less on average compared to those with lower House Edge.


With online slots, every player is equal and there is no way to better your odds. All you can do is select the number of paylines you want to play and hope for the bet result.

In slots, RTP or Return To Player represents how much an individual machine has paid out over its lifespan, in relation to how much money players have paid in.

Paylines and House Edge

Online and offline casinos have many slots games because slots offer players low RTP (Return to Player) and this is where the casino makes more profit.

The more paylines a game has, the bigger the impact on the House Edge.

Also, by increasing your chances of losing, you increase the casino’s chance of winning.

So if you play casino slots, it is recommended that you seek out the slots with the highest RTP, play the maximum number of paylines and play slots with bonus games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

They play out like a regular slot game. The difference is that, like the small wins you can have by matching symbols across the reels, you are also competing against a network of other players to hit the big jackpot payout.


There are several variations of traditional Blackjack, both online and offline like in the United States. How many decks you play with have a knock-on effect to House Edge. If you have no clue about Blackjack whatsoever, then it would be fair to say that House Edge would increase a little. One of the most popular blackjack strategies to succeed is to download or memorize a Blackjack chart

You can also rely on composition strategies which rely on using the card values that have come out of the deck as guide to what cards might be remaining.

Card counting in Blackjack calls for assigning a numerical value to each card in the deck and keeping a running account of the cards as they are dealt.


With this, House Edge goes up or down depending on the style of game you are playing. American Roulette has the worst returns, while a lower Huse Edge can be found on French and European Roulettes.

Video Poker

It is played on consoles at land casinos or virtually online. It is just you versus the machine Like regular poker, knowledge of poker can help you make better calls and judgments in video poker games, as you can improve your edge over the house. You can maximize your winnings if you compare pay tables, bet the maximum bet and practice for free at first.


This is very simple game and if played well, the House Edge can be as low as just 1.01%. It offers players almost 100% RTP on their bets. The tie bet is the one where the house has a huge edge over the player regardless of the number of decks in play. To make baccarat more interesting, casinos offer options of side bets on hands, including tie bets, pair bets and big or small bets.

Whether you win or lose in baccarat depends on the luck of the draw. To help you win big, we recommend you back the banker to win, never take the tie bet and play with fewer decks.


This classic game has a wider House Edge than any other because of its multiple betting options. The most popular Craps bets with their respective House Edges are: Pass (1.41%), Don’t Pass (1.36%), Pass Odds (0%), Don’t Pass Odds (0%), Come (1.41%), Don’t Come Odds (0%), Hardway (11.1 or 9.09%), Big 6 or 8 (9.09%), Any 7 (16.9%), and Craps (11.1%). Whilst the odds bets at 0% House Edge seem the most attractive, they can only be made following a Pass/Don’t Pass or Come/Don’t Come bet.

Some Craps games can take place over several rolls, whilst others can be stitched up after just one roll. Multi-roll bets are Craps bets that can be settled on just one roll. These bets include the Hardway, Easyway, Big 6 and 8, Place/Buy Bets and Lay Bets.

House Edge here indicates you will make less money on these bets over time.


There are numerous variants in poker each with its own House Edge. The most popular live poker variants re Live Caribbean Stud Poker (5.22%) and Live Casino (2.16%).

Thing to Remember

In online gambling, casinos can no longer have an excuse to publish the House Edge since all games are handled by a computer and it is easy to calculate it.


Always remember that when you indulge in online casino games or as in gambling in general, there are those who will emerge winners and losers. Having a knowledge about House Rules can do you less harm whilst betting on your favorite online casino games. Keep in mind that luck can change at any given second. We wish you the best in your coming endeavor in live casino and online casino games.