For the Lucky Noobs: Casino Games That Requires No Skills

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Not all games in casinos are complicated and hard to grasp like blackjack and poker. Many gambling games in the casino are based on pure luck and don’t require skill or strategy at all. These games are not just easy but also entertaining to play.

Even though casinos encourage players to utilize strategy and mastery for them to have a great chance to win, some of these games don’t require mastery at all. All you have to do is place your bet and watch out as everything spins, rolls and lands into random places.

If you are new to the gambling scene you can try one of these games as each one is easy to play and will not make you scratch your head for some complicated rules and specific strategies to win. Some of these games are also go-to games and are very popular among players in a casino singapore.

We compiled some of the easiest games that a noob player in a casino can try.


Roulette might be intimidating at first but it is one of the easiest table games to play in a casino. Roulette offers many possible bet options but not as complicated as any game on the mix.

Roulette relies solely on pure luck, however, you have to keep in mind some tips before you place your bet. Make sure that you are playing in a European wheel and not an American wheel, the American wheel has a double green slot that has more house edge which is a disadvantage to you.

Roulette is easy to play, all you have to do is place your bet on the part of the table where you think the number or color of the ball will land.


Baccarat is a classic game in the casino and just like any game on this list doesn’t require strategy and relies on pure chance. Contrary to the popular belief that baccarat requires mastery, the game is based on random chance. The only thing that you can consider is where you will place your bet and the best bet there is the Banker bet because it has a low house edge.


Slotomania are not a table game but it is a machine where you will place your coin and watch the reel spin until it lands on a possible combination of symbols. The slot game is the go-to game in a casino and is also the one recommended by punters to a beginner to try first before moving on to the table games.

Slot machines are fun and entertaining and it has so many themes like mystery, action, adventure and many more that you can choose from. Progressive slots offer a much higher jackpot prize that accumulated every time the jackpot was not hit.


Craps can be intimidating at first because of the betting options available just like roulette. However, craps don’t require much strategy to win and dits are also based on chances. All you have to do is to throw dice on the table and watch the combination of numbers that the dice makes.


Bingo is not a casino game per se but it is a form of gambling nonetheless. It is also one of the most popular gambling games around the world where many gambling halls are existing from different places that are even run by a charity or the government. Bingo is also based on luck and you don’t have to acquire a certain skill or develop a certain strategy to win.

These games are not just simple but also entertaining, and if you are a new player in a casino, make sure you pick one of these sgpool games where you will start your online gambling journey.