Everything You Need to Know About Esports Betting

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Competitive gamers can come from all walks of life. Esports is something entirely different. Some people play sports competitively to make a profit themselves and some make a profit from people who play competitively.

If you are interested in learning more about Esports and how to bet like a pro, you need to fully understand the fundamentals of Esports. Lucky for you, here’s an article that would come in handy!

What is Esports?

Simply put, Esports is electronic sport-level competitive gaming. Unlike online casino games, Esports involves teams of individuals playing highly competitive games against each other on a professional level, often winning large sums of cash as prizes.

These Esports players are usually contracted by various organizations, such as a basketball or football team to play in tournaments for a wide variety of other reasons. For example, some make their living by playing in Esports tournaments to make some extra money.

It is a growing industry

Online competitions are a large part of what makes this industry so successful. There are thousands of websites where one can find an array of different Esports tournaments and matches. Some of these matches may even be free to watch.

Simply put, Esports is just as popular as live casino games. Some may even argue that it’s even bigger. Finally, some websites offer tips and tricks to help those who are looking to become better competitors.

The future of Esports is a bright one and will continue to grow over the years, with more organizations coming into the scene to help the competitive gaming scene grow as well. It seems that the future of this exciting industry may even take off in the near future.

Type of Esports

Just like the traditional sports and casino games that all people know and love, Esports has a great selection of electronic sports (or video games) to choose from. Apart from these games, they are commonly categorized based on their gaming genre.

Here are some of the most popular Esports games under their respective gaming genres.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA games are perhaps the most popular genre of games in the world of Esports. Most MOBA games are played in teams. Games usually have two teams face each other involving different characters or heroes per team.

Of course, each character or hero has different sets of skills and abilities that can help or compliment ally in battle. Some of the popular MOBA games are as follows:

·         DotA 2

·         League of Legends

·         Smite

·         Mobile Legends

First Person Shooter Games

FPS games are closely as popular as MOBA games. They have been around for decades and many people are entertained with the idea that players go against each other using guns (obviously) and other weapons in combat. The player’s view of the game is from a first-person perspective, hence the name.

These games may come as single-player, multiplayer, or even co-op. Some of the most notable FPS games are as follows:

·         Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

·         Call of Duty

·         Overwatch

·         Halo

Fighting Games

This Esports genre is exactly what it sounds like. Fighting games are normally between two players beating each other with hand-to-hand combat. The player who gets to knock the other opponent’s health meter down to zero wins.

Here are some of the most known fighting games in Esports:

·         Street Fighter

·         Super Smash Bros.

·         Tekken

·         Mortal Kombat

Now, you don’t necessarily have to memorize nor learn every single one of these games. The thing to remember is to pick a genre of your interest before deciding on which specific game to go with. Going for the most popular games can have benefits such as multiple ways to get help and tips.

There are still other genres such as Real-Time Strategy games, Sports (video game) games, and Racing games.

Betting on Esports

Now that you have learned a fair amount of thing or two about Esports, here are the two most popular ways to bet on Esports. Just like other casino games, it’s good to always have options.

Real money betting

This kind of Esports betting is perhaps the closest to the real casino online or sports betting. Simply put, they work pretty similarly to how things work when you wager to traditional sports. This is also the recommended type of Esports betting for newcomers due to its simplicity.

You either wager on tournaments, teams, or players, it’s completely up to you.

Skin betting

Unlike Real Money betting, Skin Betting is normally geared towards gamers themselves. They are also mostly known as “casual gamers”. Apart from being Esports enthusiasts, they too play the game and they make use of in-game items such as skins to wager.

The term “skin” is referring to the look of equipment, weapon, vehicle, and even the entire avatar or character. These skins simply enhance the look of a player and they do not contribute to any stat increase or advantages.