Can You Gamble at Home in Singapore?

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Singapore is one of the nations in Asia that have strict laws about gambling. Ever since the government considered the activity as the root of vices and criminal activity, the Singaporean government passed laws regarding the legality of online gambling in Singapore.

Even though there are two operating land-based casinos and resorts in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, these casino singapore are regulated by the government and mostly cater to foreign nationals.

Other forms of gambling such as baccarat, poker, and online sports betting are regulated by the government. The only legal gambling activity in Singapore pools horse racing and lottery which are operated by the government as a monopoly.

Gambling in Singapore

Singaporeans are very superstitious and some random numbers are considered auspicious for them. There is a long tradition in which when people pass by a car accident, people write the plate number of the victim’s car and bet on it. We don’t know exactly the origins of the tradition but we are pretty sure it originated in China.

In New Year celebrations, elderlies line up vigorously on gambling booths to bet on sweepstakes in hopes of having an auspicious bet. With all these mentioned scenarios, gambling is a part of Singaporean life.

However, the Singaporean government can only tolerate legal forms of gambling. Any resident can play their game as long as it is legal and doesn’t cross the line.

Gambling Laws in Singapore

As of writing, five laws cover the activity of gambling in Singapore:

The Common Gaming Houses Act – This law prohibits and regulates any kind of gambling houses, public lotteries, and gaming that are being done in public.

Private Lotteries Act – This act regulates lotteries of any kind being done in private places.

The Betting Act – Regulates any form of betting including betting in public places, bookmaking, and betting kiosks.

Remote Gambling Act – This law clearly states that any forms of gambling on online casinos via the internet, radio, television, and any communication devices are regulated.

Casino Control Act – The two licensed casinos in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa are subjected to this law in which residents can only be allowed to enter with a fine.

What Is Considered Gambling in the First Place?

According to the Common Gaming Houses Act, a gaming house is a public business and is not recognized by the law as a legal business, furthermore it is prohibited.

Gaming is considered as any activity of playing a game of chance that involves the exchange of money or any financial benefit, it is considered as the same as gambling in a casino royale.

A common gaming house is defined as a place where regular gambling activity is being held whether it is a form of business or for leisure it is prohibited. Whether the members are only a select group of individuals, if they regularly meet for gambling activity it is considered illegal.

Is Gaming at Home Considered Illegal?

In this context, playing games at home with your family or group of friends betting money is not considered a violation of the Common Gaming House Act. The law can only be applied to private properties that are open for members of the public regularly hosting gambling activities involving money.

It is worth noting that, if you use your home or office solely for gambling or gaming activities then it is a clear violation of the Common Gaming house Act and the perpetrator is subjected to a $5000 to $50,000 fine and can serve a three-year sentence in jail.

It is wise to know the laws regarding gambling to stay out of trouble. If you have a problem regarding your excess gambling addiction, consult a therapist immediately.